German Lorca, the last of the modernists by Toni Ricart

Toni Ricart and German Lorca

I had the chance to meet again German Lorca at his studio in São Paulo, together with his son Henrique Lorca. 
Lorca is the last living member of the Escuela Paulista, pioneers of modern photography in Brazil during the 50s. He was a good friend of my uncle Marcel Giró.
Lorca gave me his book Travessias, featuring his latest wonderful photography.

Dining with Marcio Scavone in São Paulo by Toni Ricart

With Marcio Scavone

With Marcio Scavone

During my last visit to São Paulo I had a wonderful lebaneese diner at Almanara with my good friend Marcio Scavone. Marcio is a brilliant brazilian photographer who began his career as assistant in Marcel Giró's studio.
He offered me his last book Esta é Nova York an advance of his great new project.  We're all expecting to see it finished!