one more portrait: Hanoch Piven / by Toni Ricart


Yesterday morning I shot the portrait of my good friend Hanoch Piven. Hanoch is a very special artist, who creates illustrations using objects. Check his site to enter wonderful Piven world.

The witty illustrations of Hanoch Piven have appeared since 1992 in most major American magazines and newspapers such as Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, in many European publications from The London Times to Der Spiegel and in Israel, mainly in the daily Haaretz.

Piven's artwork, which engages the viewer’s active participation, has expanded into diverse other areas, such as children's books, apps for the iPad, advertising campaigns and TV programs.

Piven has lectured extensively about creativity and its application to various aspects of life in diverse platforms across the world, from Teach for All Global Conference to Tedx Conference in Jerusalem

Throughout the last 15 years Piven has conducted workshops for children and adults alike. The workshop allows to easily experience a creative process and enables introspection and communication through the creation of a collage with common objects.