Andrea Santiago. New portrait / by Toni Ricart


Almost finishing my musicians project and preparing the book.

I shot Andrea’s portrait, during the Atenea Quartet photo session.

Andrea Santiago began violin studies at the age of 8 with Maria Gonzalez. At the age of 11, she entered the IEA Oriol Martorell School in Barcelona with Professor Heriberto Fonseca obtaining the highest qualification. Currently studying higher music studies with Vera Martínez Mehner at ESMUC.

She has received classes by Daniel Cubero, Helena Satué, Gwendoline Masin, Eva Graubin, Virginie Robilliard, Agustín Leonara, Iason Keramidis, Sergey Teslya, Ingolf Turban, Daniel Sepec, Heime Müller and Latica Honda Rosenberg.

She has played with orchestras such as: JOCG under the baton of Michal Nesterowicz and Jaime Martin, IRO (International Regions Symphony Orchestra) conductor Sebastian Tewinkel, JONC Alevins (as a concertino from the years 2015 to 2016) with Juanjo Mena and Manel Valdivieso as directors , the JONC with Pablo González as conductor, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Esmuc (2016-2017) conducted by Edmond Colomer and Francesc Prat, Camerata Casals (Quartet Casals) and the OCP (Chamber Orchestra of the Penedés) as a concertino.

She was invited to play in a Berliner Philharmoniker's project, conducted by Sir Simmon Rattle, on May 21, 2018.

She has made recitals with musicians like Fedor Veselov, Irina Veselova and concert with Diana Baker and Svetana Tovstukha.

She has been a member of several chamber groups. With the Trio Wieniawsky, she has received classes from Joan Antoni Pich, Daniel Ligorio and Katia Michel. With the "Lux Quartet" she won the Q4STAGE 2016 Award. She is currently part of the Atenea Quartet, which receives the tutelage of the Casals Quartet at ESMUC, being selected to participate in the Musical Jeunesses festival in Weikersheim with Heime Müller , Donald and Viviane Weilerstein and Quartet Casals.