New portrait: Nazario, the one and only. / by Toni Ricart


I recently did a portrait of Nazario, one of the great comic artists from the underground years in Barcelona. I know him since the old days, when I was doing the publishing production and layout design at el Víbora, the main comic magazine in Spain during the 80’s.
Nazario Luque Vera (Castilleja del Campo, province of Seville, January 3, 1944), known as Nazario, as he signs his work, is a Spanish cartoonist and painter, considered the father of the Spanish underground comic, and one of the most highlights of the gay comic, along with Tom from Finland and Ralf König. Countercultural artist by antonomasia and key piece of the Barcelona movida of the seventies and eighties, portrays the basics of a Barcelona scoundrel in Anarcoma, his most popular series.