New portrait: Valentin Torrens. / by Toni Ricart

I did Valentin's portrait in his sunny room surrounded by dozens of masks, trying to catch the essence of his personality among all those other faces.

Since 1990 Valentin Torrens has carried out actions in thirty countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Presenting at international festivals and individual shows. Interested in the uses and rewards of mass media. Perception as the source and limit of desire. The politics of perception and its liberation. Using changing strategies to decode the accommodations of art and culture, their connivance with horror. A real / illusory double code, of the artist as a shadow, his and that of the context; transforming both. Humor and liminal game, short circuiting the logic of the language and the mind of the spectator. From 2000 to 2014, he coordinated "Territorio performance", within the Periferias, Huesca and other multifestival such as Trobada d'art i tecnologìa in 1993, La Floresta; Territoris nomades in 2001, Barcelona. In 2008 he edited the book "Pedagogy of performance" with courses and workshops programs of forty artists and teachers. In 2014, "Enseñando performance" and the English edition "How we teach performance art"