Sculptor Pep Codó, new portrait by Toni Ricart / by Toni Ricart

I've been shooting a portrait of the catalan sculptor Pep Codó at his workshop in La Floresta (Barcelona), surrounded by his fascinating masterpieces.

Pep Codó is one of the most solid and precise bodies of sculptural works produced in this country in recent years. Maria Lluïsa Borràs coincided with this in a text includet in a 1999 catalogue:

 - “In the course of time, sculpture has opened itself to a thousand different modes of expression and is exhibited as a simple object or a complete installation. Pep Codó insists on working stone, Ulldecona or Calatorao stone, evoking the most primitive and ancestral essences, perhaps even pre-Columbian art, with a singular will to swim against the current and delve into the remote origins of sculpture in order to be able to project his work with full knowledge of the cause, to increase it and improve it for the future.”

Pep Codó website