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Patrín García-Barredo

Sergio Castro

Sergio Castro

Ron Colyer

Born in Santander, Patrín García-Barredo studied music with M. Carra, at the Royal Conservatoire of Madrid; with F. Wibaut at the Royal Academy of Music in London; with J. Colom, at the University of Alcala de Henares and with D. Varsi, in theMusikhochschule of Karlsruhe. She completed his training with P. Badura-Skoda, B. Canino, V. Margulis, D. Bashkirov and Maria Joao Pires, among others. She has given concerts in Spain and other European and American countries and made recordings for Radio 2, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Süddeutscher Rundfunk, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi andPoseidon Films.
In 2006, she participated in the projectIntegral piano sonatas by Mozart which was recorded and edited by theAutonomous University of Madrid. She complements her artistic activity with teaching through the chair of piano she occupies in the Salamanca Music CS or in the numerous interpretation courses in different Spanish cities. She is also visiting professor at the Sommer Akademie Courses at the Mozarteum in Salzburg since 2008.

Sergio Castro began his musical studies in Madrid with Hermes Kriales and later with Antonio Arias from who he probably inherited his teaching vocation. He made the Advanced Level in Madrid with Victor Martin. In 1979 he entered theMusikhochschule of Freiburg, Germany, with Nicolas Chumachenco and chamber music with Wolfgang Marshner and Marcial Cervera. He also conducts international courses in Spain and in Germany, Switzerland and Italy attending classes with Aldo Parisot, Georgy Sebok, Charles Libove, etc.
He is a founding member of the Chamber Orchestra "Reina Sofia", as well as other chamber groups such as the Trio Aroca, Albores Ensamble, Gunter Raphael Quartet or Madrid Camerata. Since 1983 he is putting intense pedagogical work, being frequently invited to provide training courses for teachers in the Hall of Music at the University of Alcala de Henares and conservatories in different regions.
He teaches violin at the Music School CEDAM Madrid and the Conservatory of Music of Aragon.

Ron Colyer started professional life as a musician, was a member of thePhilharmonia Orchestra of London and later of the B.B.C. Symphony Orchestra. While on tour in Japan, he met Shiniki Suzuki, investigated his work and began a long association with Suzuki teaching in Britain. Ron gave up orchestral work to train with Walter and Dilys Carrington and has since continued musical work with children aged 3 to 18 alongside his Alexander teaching practice.