New portrait: Piti Español by Toni Ricart


My good friend Piti Español is a multifaceted writer: narrator, playwright and scriptwriter of television and cinema. He has been the creator of some of the most successful television series and programs of the last 30 years, working mainly for TV3 (Catalan television).
He has published an extensive autobiographical account (LA PISTA AFRICANA), a story book (DISCULPIN LES MOLÈSTIES), two television manuals (FER RIURE PER TELEVISIÓ and COM MIRAR LA TELE SENSE PRENDRE MAL ) and the research text JOSEP ANTON PÉREZ GINER: THE TRUTHFUL HISTORY OF L'INNOMBRABLE.
He is currently a columnist for the newspaper ARA and professor at the Dramaturgy and Script Workshop of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

New portrait: David Cirici by Toni Ricart

I've just done the portrait of my friend David Cirici, this morning at his flat in Barcelona.

David Cirici is a Catalan writer. Graduate in Catalan philology, he is a member of the Catalan PEN and the EFL. He has been a lecturer in Catalan language and literature and television screenwriter. Currently working in the field of communication and culture. 
He has published around twenty novels and has won several literary awards, such as the Prudenci Bertrana 2011, Ramon Muntaner 2013, and the Premi Sant Jordi 2016.

"a walk in a dream" new photobook by Toni Ricart


I'm proud to announce my new photobook, a walk in a dream.

This is a walk driven by the pursuit of intimate beauty, trying to discover surprising shapes in hidden corners of the garden. The game between focus and depth of field turns backgrounds into unexpected geometric patterns dancing in dreamlike atmospheres. The walk through the garden becomes a walk in a dream.

Photobook available at multistudio BOOKS



21x30 cm
40 pages
ISBN 978-84-942372-2-5

Available at multistudio BOOKS